4 Ways to Have More Fun While Traveling

Entertainment has always been a bit of an issue for travelers. Long bus rides and plane flights are a great challenge for those among us who don’t have the complete mastery of sleeping in uncomfortable positions. Luckily, there is a ton of things you can do today while traveling.


If you are a passionate gamer, like myself, you know that all you need is your tablet and/or smartphone, and you can place any number of bets online. If online sports betting isn’t your thing, might we suggest poker, blackjack and baccarat, or simply a Virgin casino promotional code 2019? That way, you play a few games, get involved with what’s on your screen and overall have a good time before your transportation reaches its destination. With the tech today, you can play a game or two at anytime, anywhere. Online casinos were designed with this in mind – complete freedom to play games however you like.

If gambling is not your thing, you can always enjoy some free online games that don’t require a lot of space, and don’t eat through your battery. It can be a strategy, an RPG, a visual novel, and so much more. You are limited only by your phone, imagination and boredom.


This is for those who like to tone it down a tad. It’s a classic for a reason – long rides give you a great opportunity to catch up on the latest news in the papers, read that conspiracy theory by that famous author you’ve never got around to check out, or take a glance on some of the classics. Depending on how long you travel and the purpose of your trip, you could go through at least one book before you return home.


Sometimes you get lucky with the transport’s choice of film. Other times… not so much. There are still buses and planes that don’t present you with a film for your enjoyment, and that’s a shame. However, all is not lost. Remember when we mentioned new tech in the beginning? Well, here is another thing you can do with it. Just plug your earphones in, and play a movie, funny video clips, music videos and whatever else comes to mind. Don’t forget to pack a power bank, as these things drain batteries.


If you are not traveling alone, the number of things you can do while traveling skyrockets. You can talk, play card games, make a vlog together, plan your trip, and discuss your experiences so far. On the other hand, if you are, indeed, alone, you could try to make a new friend on the way. Be respectful and non-intrusive, and, sooner or later, you will come across someone who has a few interesting stories to tell.