6 Gambling Hotspots in Europe

While we do admire Las Vegas and Atlantic City, one has to consider other gambling jewels of the world. The good ol’ US of A is not the only one with access to interesting bets, casinos and games. Not counting the online casinos that you can find in Europe, together with their respective online bonuses for slots, here are some of the best places in Europe where you can gamble.


This is where some people get surprised, while others nod in agreement. Gambling is not just a pastime here, it’s an experience. The casinos don’t have a particular dress code, though you will find that most patrons boast elegant suits and evening dresses. The climate is beautiful, the islands are amazing and the lodging and food are affordable. It is for this reason that this little European paradise is the place to be if you want to gamble in Europe.

Paris, France

This is not just a city of love. The poker players from all over Europe gather here to try their luck, though you can play blackjack and other games. We feel that we must warn you that, since Paris is a popular tourist destination, valued for its history, art and cuisine, finding a place where you can stay that you can also afford might be a bit of a challenge.

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

This city is known around the world as the exotic European destination. The jet-setters and players know how to enjoy this city that is almost 100% gambling-oriented. It’s not just the casinos, though there are many of them. Curiously enough, Monte-Carlo is also the European capital of betting on sports events. It is safe to say that the economy of this place would take a dive if gambling were to suddenly disappear.

London, England

You wouldn’t think that the reserved British knew anything about the gambling culture, would you? However, there are over two dozen casinos in this metropolis. Some of them still have a dress code, so beware. One of the things London’s casinos and betting houses were famous for was that there used to be not only a dress code, but also the air of excluding outsiders. A long time ago, you had to be a member of the club to be let in.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ordinarily, Amsterdam is popular for a different vice. It is the first place in Europe where marijuana was allowed as a recreational and medicinal drug. This is the main reason tourists from all corners of the earth flock in to Amsterdam. However, we are here to talk about their gambling.

There are more than 500 slots spread out unevenly across twelve casinos. If you ever get a chance to visit this marvel of a city, don’t forget to try your luck at their biggest casino: Holland Casino Amsterdam.

Rozvadov, the Czech Republic

There is one casino that is somewhat hidden from the public eye. This is the place where poker players dream of. In this small village, there lies King’s Casino Rozvadov, the most popular live poker spot on the continent. It was the one and only host of The World Series of Poker, or WSOP both in 2017 and in 2018. Sadly, they will not host the tournament in 2019.

While poker is its main thing, it boasts a huge number of games, like Punto Banco, American Roulette, Craps and more. If you get tired from playing games, you can take a break and enjoy the casino’s spa and restaurants.