The Frugal Guide to Visiting Las Vegas

There are those that gamble strictly for fun, and expect to lose all of their money for the pleasure of the game. There are others, however, who are willing to fight, again and again, until they reach that winning streak. 

Whatever your reason for gambling, we know that it is your dream to take a shot at the Mecca of betting, Las Vegas. Taking into account that you probably won’t spend all of your budget on slot machines on the edge of the city, how expensive is it to go there?

Places to stay

You can’t sleep on the street, and, until you win the Powerball, Bellagio is certainly out of the question. So how much money will you spend on lodging? Well, as with any type of rent, it’s all about location, location, location. What we mean to say is that hotels with better quality and near the city center tend to cost more.

You are going to have to be a tad crafty. There is a ton of sites dedicated to booking a cheap motel room. So, instead of spending roughly $180 a night, with a little bit of luck (like clients cancelling their rooms, or not enough booking), you can find a room for as little as 45-50 dollars a night. If you are on a budget, remember to maintain a certain level of flexibility. You can’t expect room service for 50 dollars a night.


Flying is your best bet, though we would urge you to book later flights, as they tend to cost less. Depending on the airline, the difference between buying a ticket for next week and buying a ticket for a flight that’s in three months is enormous.

Consider your starting point and compare different airlines. Once more, we urge you to keep your budget in mind, and fly coach. A flight from Europe goes from 700-1000 dollars, depending on your starting point. If you are already in the US, be prepared to spend about $200 dollars per person to get there.


Hotels and casinos will not let you bring your food with you. If you are frugal, you might get away with a packet of biscuits or cookies, but that’s it. You are going to have to eat at restaurants and casinos. Buffets cost between $15 in some places, up to $70 for a gourmet dinner. These are the cheaper options.


I know you get annoyed at little old ladies with their coupon books, but they are certainly worth it, so try to get as many as you can. Make sure you read the coupon carefully, as the fine print can put you in awkward situations. You can use coupons for betting, lodging and food. If you are skillful enough, they may cut the cost of your Vegas trip significantly.

The Total

A very rough estimate of what it costs to spend a day in Vegas (minus the transport and gambling) would be around $250. If this fits into your budget, we say go for it.