Travel On a Budget

Money has always been a huge factor in deciding whether, where and how to travel. A jet-setter will have a considerably bigger range of resources than a backpacker. If you are wondering how you can see the world without spending an enormous amount of your savings, you are in the right place.


Compare the prices of various traveling methods. The bus may be cheaper than a car, but the plane is far more comfortable. Should you splurge, or suffer sleep deprivation and neck pain? The answer is: it depends. You see, the thing about airlines is that they often offer substantially cheaper tickets if you don’t care where you sit, in addition to booking your ticket(s) several months in advance. Therefore, if you do your research online, you may find that flying is the cheaper option.

Use your phone and the signs to determine the price and stops of the local public transport. Day tickets and other such discounts should be considered in order to save money. Renting a car is okay, though there is usually unwanted baggage.

Hitchhiking is a popular method of getting from point A to point B, but we must urge you to exercise caution. It is also more prudent to travel with a companion if you choose to rely on people’s kindness in this way. Ideally, this could get you to where you want to go without spending too much.

Food and Beverage

Sorry, foodies, you are going to have to tighten your belt for this one. The best course of action to save money while traveling is to bring your own food and water, especially canned goods and cookies or biscuits. Basically, you need food with a diehard shelf life.

The reason for this is that, due to globalization and tourist hotspots, the price of food in big cities tends to go above a person’s normal budget. If you want to try local delicacies, we recommend sticking to rural areas, or the outskirts of the city, unless you find affordable food vendors on your own.

Avoid snacks and soft drinks. The more you stick with your own supplies, the more you get to enjoy the place you came to visit, financially speaking.


This should go without saying, but hotels are out of the question. Your best bet would be youth hostels, where you will share a room with a dozen strangers, or, alternatively, you could use a service that backpackers rely on, like couch-surfing.

Another option that is often overlooked is camping. If you are traveling with your friends, bringing a tent will save you the trouble of paying for a place to sleep. Just make sure you are in an area where camping is allowed, and doesn’t require a significant fee.

Daily Budget

Calculate the amount of money designated for unavoidable expenses, and divide the rest into equal parts to be used every day. If possible, try to set aside a small stash in case of emergencies. This stash should not only go with you on your trip, but it should come back as well.