Traveling to a Major Sports Event

True fans will follow the career of their idols wherever they may be, and that does double for major sporting events. For example, for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, people from all over the world flocked into Russia, to cheer their country’s representation and mark an unforgettable life event. They were, and you need to be, ready for what lies ahead.


Make sure you make the reservations for your flight and lodging months in advance. This will save you the trouble in terms of missing out, as many airlines and hotels tend to be overbooked. Apart from that, you will also save up some cash so you won’t have to plan on winning the NH lottery before reserving your trip. This is where planning ahead comes in handy – if you reserve, or, better yet, buy, your ticket online, you can avoid the panic that comes with realization that there is no way to transport yourself and your friends to the sporting event of your choosing, or that there is nowhere to spend the night.

The same goes for tickets for the event itself. Your best bet is to buy them online as soon as they are released. Keep handy apps, mobile alerts and website subscriptions to buy a seat. Some events are so big in nature and attendance, that the quality of your seat depends solely on dumb luck.

On the other hand, many don’t pay for the event itself, but are content with watching it at a local bar, or field. This is the way of thinking common in many areas, and it doesn’t hurt to mention that Wimbledon is an event where the responsible organizers and authorities have set us up with a huge screen right outside the court, to solve the problem of too much demand.

Safety Tips

Let us go over some much needed safety tips. There is a lot to be said about what you should and shouldn’t do, but we will stick to the most important ones.


Don’t bring anything that could be perceived as an illegal or suspicious substance, or a weapon. Food, drinks and lighters are not allowed on tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, or any other venue. At best, you will lose the item you brought. At worst, you will be asked to leave.


Don’t go alone. Having your friends around is vital to staying safe and not getting lost. They will also help you in case you get injured or robbed and stay with you to clear out any misunderstandings (like seat reservation, for example).

Be Alert

Many sports fans get carried away, and manage to give in to alcohol, excitement, rage and panic. Make sure you know where the exits are, to leave at the first sign of trouble and to leave no person behind. Have fun, but do it responsibly.